To Matte or to Dew

Recently we have been making Makeup Tutorials with our Glossgirl Artist, Kate Stout.  I asked her about trends, especially in foundation because I struggle covering old scars and have fine lines.  Now that I am 39 years old, I always choose a full coverage matte foundation because I have heard any dew or shine will settle in fine lines and accent them.  She said that while that is true, if I want the illusion of a dew look, but still want the coverage, I should use a liquid illuminator as my primer!

Taking her advice, I found a liquid illuminator that I really liked.  “Liquid Luminosity” has a very thin consistency and comes in 3 shades…Starlight, Moonlight, and Natural Light.  When I want the illusion of the dew look, I simply apply as my primer, under my foundation.  Liquid Luminosity is $29 and will be available to order at soon!  Also tune into our tutorials and Facebook Live videos at








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