Throwback Thursday

I love looking at the old pictures people post on social media.  Some are cute baby pictures of their kids, or funny high school pictures that bring back sweet memories.  Being that today is Thursday, I thought I would do a throwback.  My throwback is in honor of the stylish ladies of history.

When I think of style, a picture of my Grandmother immediately pops up in my head.  To this day, at 94 years young, she doesn’t leave the house without hair done, makeup on, outfit pressed and adorned with a fabulous pair of shoes.  Sometimes when I am with her, I look down at myself in my “workout” outfit, hair tossed in a messy bun, and I think to myself “When did this happen to me?”

When I was younger, style was so important to me. I knew what I liked, and really enjoyed putting looks together.  I think my life got so busy, that whenever given the chance, I go for comfort before style.  The problem is, I don’t feel good about it.  I don’t feel excited about my outfit or style, and I leave the house literally hoping no one sees me!  Well, this realization has brought me to remember the styles I love and the women that wore them best.

My all time favorite style award always goes to Audrey Hepburn






Thank you for re-inspiring me once again!


Keep Shining,



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