Stories of being a stylist

I read a Facebook post today about a woman that came into a salon, looking for products to use on her hair to detangle a matted bun that was a result of depression.  She hadn’t been out of bed in months, and her hair was a tangled mess.  She eventually came in to let the stylist detangle, color and cut her hair, and they both felt great about the outcome.

The wonderful emotional return, or sometimes burn stylist get is a real thing.  Through consultation, care, and literally having our hands on you, energy is passed back and forth.  Most customers share their stories.  They tell us all about their families, their big life events like weddings and babies.  They also share their troubles, things like divorce and death.  Every hour of typically a 10 hour day, we hear another story and this creates a real connection.  Even if someone does not talk at all, their energy is felt during their appointment.  Whether they are tired from a night shift at the hospital, or want silence because it is the only hour away from their busy life…we feel it.

As a stylist for over 20 years, I swear I have heard it all, and I am so thankful.  The lessons I have learned from my salon guests is immeasurable.  The opportunity to be part of their most important wedding day is unforgettable, and knowing that they can’t wait to show me a picture of their first grandchild is a blessing.  We have shared the good and the bad, the happy and the sad.  This is why you will see 75 year old men and women still doing hair, they can not say goodbye.  The relationships are more than just a job.

Keep Shining.


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