NYC or Bust!

Yesterday, a few of us Glossgirls got together to head up to NYC for makeup sampling.  We were dressed in our New York appropriate gear, which is “wear whatever the heck you want, and get a little crazy!” and of course a warm jacket, hat and gloves.  We were so excited to get on the road, when I received a notification that the showroom was closed for renovations.  What a let down!

We decided we were not going to waste the day, and went to the salon to play with the makeup we already have.  When we got there, much to our surprise was a little box of new products from the company in NYC!  We eagerly tore open the box, grabbed one of the girls and started playing.  In the box was new corrector creams, lip stain, a super shiny gloss, and a powder illuminator.

After we tested out the products, we had lunch and talked about future in salon classes and tutorials.  We even bought tickets to attend the NYC makeup show in a couple months.  I would say, the day turned out better than even expected.

Here is a before and after of our playing and testing the makeup and new products:







Keep Shining,


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