Meet Our Team

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Executive Stylists:


Beca Sanchez



Tateum Levan



Emma Isaacs



Jen James



Brittney Tucker



Tonya Roland



Amy Movizzo



Lindsay Alvarez

Kelly Fiorella




Caitlyn Nurthen



Kasey McCrosson


Krystal Smith


Kate Stout 



Sarah Claycomb



Make-up Artists:
Kate Stout           Emma Isaacs
Tateum Levan        Lindsay Alvarez


Haley Reynolds           Johanna Jewell
Laura Deluca              Marissa Seals
Olivia McPherson        Sara Schreiber


Nail Technician:
Donna Moore


Lash Technician:
Kasey McCrosson


General Manager:
Jay Belanger email


Head Master of Education:
Tateum Levan 


Wedding Coordinator:
Dana Reno email


Marketing Director & Graphic Designer:
Marissa Baldasano email


Bethany Keith email
Jessica Till email