Hair and Makeup Videos

It seems these days that many people on social media claim to be experts on hair and makeup.  Teenage girls are posting videos teaching “how to’s” on hair styling and makeup trends.  We started asking ourselves, “If people NOT in the industry are making these tutorials, why aren’t we??”  If we decided to share the information, we feel a responsibility to the viewer that the information should be relevant, and of good quality.

Our Gloss Marketing Director, Marissa and I had a long discussion yesterday about this and the act of “selling”.  For as many videos there are on social media by non-hairstylist and makeup artists, there are also people selling products without education or a profession in the beauty industry.  We asked ourselves questions like…What steps do we take in salon and online to explain our product effectively to ensure the customer is getting what they want and learning how to use it correctly?  How can we share our great products on social media in a way that showcases what they do, and who they work best for?

We decided videos are the most effective (and pretty fun) way to show how these products work.  We just want to ensure the information you see is done by professionals, and the intent is to keep our integrity as salon professionals. If we recommend a product, we are truly saying that we think it is of good quality, and we explain how to use it correctly. We are also excited to have other Glossgirls on the tutorials teaching the latest hair and makeup trends!

So keep a look out for our upcoming tutorials.  We are just starting out, so keep in mind they will get better as we learn the ropes!  We also want you to know that we take the job of educating ourselves on the products we carry very seriously.  As always, we only choose products from companies that do not test on animals, respect our environment, and have the best quality for our consumer.

Keep Shining,



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