Hair stylist Jessica Till and Hairstylist/Makeup Artist Shannon Melvin sharing their story of fitness and friendship!

Hi Everyone! We are Jessica and Shannon, stylists at Gloss Salon. We have been friends for over seven years, and have worked out together for the majority of our friendship. We have gone through having children, weight gain and weight loss together through our friendship. We wanted to share with you all our work out journey we have had together. The support and we have had for each other with our personal fitness goals is what has continued to give us the drive we need to stay fit and keep the motivation up to keep going to the gym. We truly believe that if we put hard work and dedication in ourselves first, that everyone in our lives will benefit from it. Taking time out for ourselves is important for regrouping with our thoughts and of course to spend time with each other!

Shannon and Jessica, stylists at Gloss Salon

Here’s our workout story 🙂

Jessica joined Kirkwood Fitness when she made a New Year’s resolution to lose 25 pounds. She started focusing solely on cardio machines and in no time, the weight starting coming off. Shannon joined Jessica at Kirkwood Fitness soon after Jessica. They met at 5:00AM for workout sessions, incorporating what Shannon loved, weight training and what worked for Jessica, cardio. After months of hard work, Jessica and Shannon looked and felt the best they have ever looked!

A “bump” in the road with their workouts when Jessica became pregnant with her first child. A few months later, Shannon was also pregnant. Both lost motivation and energy to go to the gym. All of the mommies out there know that pregnancy wipes you out, especially being pregnant for the first time.

A year after the births of their beautiful daughters, Jess and Shannon were back in action at a new gym, the YMCA. The YMCA is wonderful for family memberships and child care for up to an hour and a half, so mommies can work out. They both loved the array of classes the Y had to offer, combining cardio with strength workouts, yet again reaching fitness and weight goals in no time.

Jessica and Shannon after the birth of their daughters

Two years after the birth of her daughter Adelynne, Jessica became pregnant with a boy, Garrett. Jess continued to work out with her second pregnancy till she was 35 weeks, making labor and delivery so much better. She kept her energy levels up throughout her pregnancy by working out. When it was time for Jessica to have her second child, she had the strength and endurance to have a smooth labor and delivery.

Jessica with her second child, baby Garrett
Shannon with her daughter, Gianna

Currently, Jessica and Shannon are still at the YMCA, incorporating both classes the Y offers and workouts in the fitness center with a three day a week workout routine. Even though they may not always have the time to workout together, Jessica and Shannon continue to keep each other motivated by swapping workouts and healthy recipes. Their fit husbands also help them with new strength routine ideas as well to keep up their motivation.

Shannon and Jessica with their daughters, Adelynne and Gianna

Stay tuned for future blogs featuring Jessica and Shannon’s workout routines and recipes!


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