Hair on the mend!

Yesterday I received a phone call from my Aunt, who was in panic because her shampoo was running out and she was getting ready to leave for vacation.  She said that she was so nervous not to use this shampoo because how much it has helped mend her hair.  She was in a real panic, and I told her not to worry, we will mail the product directly to her destination so she would not have a day without it!  She was relieved and went about her traveling plans.

The history of this story is my aunt’s journey rebuilding her hair health.  She lives in a different state, so I do not typically do her hair.  She came to me when she was in town with dry, thinning hair, that would not hold hair color.  After our consultation, I learned she had been receiving hair coloring services at another salon, and that she recently found out she had diabetes and was on new medication.  After examining her hair, I formulated a color to add depth back to her hair color.  We discussed using at home haircare in order to aid in the hair color not fading and in the improvement of her hair texture.  I sent her home with Eufora International’s Beautifying Elixir Bodifying shampoo and conditioner, Fortifi Keratin Spray, and Beautifying Serum.  For styling, she chose Boost Root Lifting Spray, and Elevate Finishing Spray.

Here is a before and after picture of her journey!












She is so happy with the results from her hair color and at home care products, and now I get to see her every few weeks for a touch up.

Keep Shining,


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