Fruitarian Friday with Lauren!

Welcome to Fridays with Lauren Clift.

Stylist Lauren CliftI have been a stylist at Gloss for over three years. I started my vegan journey two years ago. I have always struggled with what was the right diet for me and a way of eating that was good for my body, mind, and soul. I needed diet that was guilt free and made me feel the best. I finally came upon the vegan way of eating after doing a very intense cleanse consisting of simply consuming a “cayenne lemonade” for 10 days. After the cleanse, my body didn’t want anything other than clean food! That was two summers ago and I have felt so clean and, more importantly, I wanted to keep the feeling forever.

Being vegan is more to me than just diet, even though diet is very important. It’s also about lessening my carbon footprint on the world, expanding my children’s minds when it comes to the food they eat, not supporting any animal cruelty, and knowing where my food is coming from. There are vegan options when you go out to eat today more than ever, but I do prefer to eat at home 99% of the time. Being vegan (and not owning a microwave) means that I make almost everything from scratch. I know what I’m eating because I made it. I crave vegetables every meal of the day!

My boys James and Gavin

Eating this way has opened my horizons to many different kinds of vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other delicious ingredients that go into making a well balanced and fulfilling meal that is vegan. This has made me very creative in the kitchen, from simple snacks to hearty meals.

Each week, I will feature my favorite products, yummy recipes, and more stories about my journey.

Until then,

Lauren XOXO

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