Delish Homemade Apple Sauce!

Hi Everyone! Lauren here reminding all of you that it is apple season!!!!!!! Over the weekend, I decided to try out making apple sauce in the crock pot. It was perfect! Apple sauce is that great comfort food that makes us all think of fall.

My son, James. My best critic 🙂

Homemade crock pot apple sauce:

10-15 apples of any kind, peeled cored and chopped in bite size pieces. a generous tablespoon or more of cinnamon.

3 tablespoons of grade b maple syrup, a one inch section of ginger peeled and grated finely.

Set the crock pot on high for about 4 hours or so, stirring a couple times. The apples will break down all by themselves.

Eat with yogurt, or vanilla ice cream or just by itself! You can also use the applesauce in recipes as in cakes or muffins to replace the oil that the recipe calls for.

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