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Being that I am a naturally curly hair girl, I understand the importance of using the right hair products.  The struggle when shopping in the “curly hair” aisle is that there are so many different types of curl.  There is frizzy, wavy, thick, fine, ringlets and so on.

I fall into the category of frizzy, curly hair.  I am always interested in products that will control the frizz, tame the beast, but without losing my curl.  To achieve this style, I use Eufora International products.  On towel dried hair (always use a micro fiber towel), I first spray in Leave-in Repair Treatment, then a small amount of Pure Polish Drops to control the frizz.  I then add my styling product of choice…Formation Styling Foam for sculpting, volume, and texture.  Last, I dry with a diffuser COMPLETELY!  It is a misconception that you should only dry your hair 80% and let the rest air dry just because your hair is curly.  You have to go through the steps of drying…wet, frizzy, dry.  If your hair is frizzy, there is still moisture so keep drying until it is not frizzy anymore.   Finally, spritz with some finishing spray and do not touch your hair!  Transferring any fluid, oils, static, anything to your hair could promote frizz or breakdown of your curl structure.

Below is a customer with thick, wavy hair, with a small amount of frizz.  Our stylist, Tateum chose Eufora’s Perfect Curl Activator and Forming Cream to promote curl with control.








As always it is most important to use a good, professional shampoo and conditioner.  This will create the best canvas to start your hairstyle.  You can start to achieve a healthy scalp, less damage, control frizz and promote curl all just by what products you choose to wash and conditioner your hair.  We choose Eufora!!

Keep Shining,


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