Choosing a Product

Sometimes it is difficult to choose a hair product for yourself.  For example, you read the label and it states it is for curly hair, but the other product says that it helps control frizz…and you want both!  Do you have to buy both?  As hairstylists, we understand that investing in a hair product is an important decision, and we respect that you do not want to spend your money on the wrong ones.  We respect this so much that we research the product for you, and educate ourselves so we can help you make the best decision. 

Gloss Salon recently changed color and hair product lines.  Did you know that in the process of choosing the right line for us to carry, we took a year testing other products?  This was not an easy task, it took a lot of time and discussion among our team.  We wanted to choose a line that represented our values of integrity, respect for the environment, education and trust.  This decision led us to different manufacturers, distributors, and representatives.  We took classes and went to product knowledge events.  Finally, we found the perfect partner for Gloss…It just so happened to be the very first product we carried in our stores almost 8 years ago.  Sometimes you have to go all the way back to the values you started your business with, to find what you are looking for.  Well, it was the perfect match then, and now.  Stay tuned tomorrow to learn more about our love and partnership with Eufora International, and why we believe it is a great product for you.

Keep Shining,



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