Celebrity Hair Crush of the Month!

We have watched Anne Hathaway morph her look through the years for many movie roles like the pre makeover frizzy mop she had in Princess Diaries, to sleek, long layered cut with a full bang in The Devil Wears Prada. Even though Hathaway has played many versatile roles in her career, she has not gone very dramatic with her hair… until now.

Les Miserables is one of the most anticipated movies of the year, due out on Christmas Day, which Anne Hathaway plays the role of Fantine. She was required to cut her burnette locks off for the movie. With the movie due out, and Hathaway’s cover shoot with Glamour Magazine this month, the clients and stylists at Gloss have been buzzing about her new hair. The consensus at the salon is that Anne Hathaway is owning this fierce new do!

Even though this is such a short cut, their is still versatility with the style. Hathaway can wear it messy and fun, or sleek and polished.

When our clients ask if they can pull off a do as short as Anne Hathaway’s, we always reply by saying this is a style that if you are going to wear, you have to own it! It’s not a matter of if it will look good, it’s a comfort level within and the confidence to wear it fiercely. Anne Hathaway is having a blast with her new hair, and we are loving it!

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