Art of Business 2017

This weekend our owner and management staff had the pleasure of going to Salon Business Training.  It is so important for us to keep in touch with the leaders in our industry and learn from their stories of past successes and experiences.  Many of the presenters were salon owners themselves.  We learned so much from them because we could relate to a lot of the same experiences they were sharing.  They hold more years in the industry, so we were able to hear how they have overcome obstacles and implemented structure to grow their culture and business.

Another presenter we were honored to meet was David Sanderson.  David told his experience as the last passenger off U.S. Air Flight 1549, which crashed into the Hudson River.  His story about that day and the years that have followed were moving and inspiring.

I am so grateful for people who decide to share their stories so we can learn from their experiences.

Another great education filled weekend in the books!









Keep Shining,


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